All-In members who do not have prior make and model experience will go through a Cirrus-developed transition course with a club-approved CFI. All-In members with prior Cirrus experience may go through a Cirrus-developed avionics and/or airframe and powerplant training if their prior experience was using different equipment (Avidyne, SR20, etc.) Your registration fees include the online Cirrus training material for the transition.

VFR private pilots are welcomed. We require 50 hours PIC time, 15 hours of tailwheel time and 5 hours time in type to fly a club tailwheel aircraft. We require 75 hours total time and 5 hours make and model to act as PIC in our club 182s.

Our club CFIs will help you receive a checkout to land at grass strips in the region. If you will travel in a club aircraft outside the region and intend to land at an off-airport grass strip, we will facilitate a discussion with you and a club CFI to ensure the safety of you and the aircraft. Visit the Airfield Guide to get some ideas!

We have worked with the AOPA to understand what the optimal number of members per airplane is in other flying clubs across their national network. We moderate the number of members per plane based on the AOPA's recommendations to ensure good equipment availability while maintaining very good affordability for club members.

If you would like to upgrade your membership, we will apply any previously paid registration fees toward the upgraded membership. There may be a waiting period to upgrade your membership, depending on the availability of the fleet.

We would love that! Flying members who have a spouse that also flies will receive $100 off the monthly dues for an All-In membership or $50 off the monthly dues for a Backcountry membership for the second membership. Additionally, we will waive the registration fee for your spouse.

You may bring friends to the lounge. Some events may be members-only or require a registration fee, but we'll let you know when this is the case.

Yes, we utilize the full-time and part time instructors at Thaden Field for checkouts and endorsements.   Typically these are done with flight school planes to provide optimal availability for our Backcountry and All-in members to access the club fleet planes.