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We have something very special here in the Ozarks and we want to share it.  The area we call home is the result of millions of years of rivers and streams eroding the earth from a high plateau. The result is a stunning combination of rivers, bluffs, and hills with a relatively low density altitude.  Come visit places like Hawksbill Crag, Sam's Throne, Jakes Ridge, and Hemmed-In Hollow. Look closer and you’ll find some of the best single track MT bike trails in the world.  Don't believe us?  Just ask Outside Magazine,,, or CityLab.  


FLY OZ™ is an invitation to explore the beauty of our region.  It's no more complicated than that. If you're into recreational aviation and the activities surrounding it, come play in our backyard. We'll explain about the FLY OZ network of airstrips, help you decide which locations best fit your plans and flight experience, put you in touch with guides that will organize a float trip, get you on a bike, introduce you to one of the country's finest art museums, or find you the perfect get-a-way cabin.

So, to recap..  This is a beautiful part of the country.  The flying here is amazing.  There are tons of things to do, fantastic places to stay, delicious places to eat.  We love it.  We'd love to show it to you.  More information can be found on our Land Here page.

FLY OZ Published
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The September, 2021 issue of Northwest Arkansas Business Journal features FLY OZ and our efforts to promote backcountry aviation in Arkansas.

AOPA Pilot Magazine September, 2021 Cover


Check out the September, 2021 issue of AOPA Pilot magazine for more information about FLY OZ.

Check out the AOPA video about FLY OZ.

AOPA Video
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Thaden Field (KVBT) is the perfect jumping off point for FLY OZ adventures.  Great service, first rate accommodations, fantastic restaurants, museums, mountain biking...  it's all here.


The Runway Group is focused on creating a healthy, outdoor-focused lifestyle in Northwest Arkansas.  Thinking big is at the core of what Runway does as they strive to make the region better in every way.


The Airfield.Guide is a national repository of recreational airstrips.  Search by amenity, runway length, and geographic area.  Build tours and share them with other pilots.  A great source of information.



The Tailwind Foundation is a Northwest Arkansas 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the promotion of aviation safety, the support of aviation activities, and the education of aviation enthusiasts.



The RAF is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving existing airstrips and actually creating new public-use recreational airstrips throughout the United States.  The RAF strives to build strong working relationships with other aviation groups, both on the state and national level. 


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OZ Trails was created to showcase the development of multi-purpose trails in Northwest Arkansas. Their focus is on growing the local rider base and providing information to both locals and travelers seeking to experience the region’s unique trail system as it develops. 


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