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1. Material on the FLY OZ member forum is provided without representation or warranty as to the suitability or appropriateness of any opinion, recommendation, or suggestion contained therein. Aircraft are certified and regulated by the FAA and equivalent governmental regulating bodies around the world. Operation and modification of these aircraft, except as specifically allowed by these bodies, are not advised and potentially in violation of law. Aircraft should always be operated in accordance with the Approved Flight Manual, the manufacturer’s instructions and governmental regulations. FLY OZ and/ or its members do not recommend operating or altering the aircraft in any manner that deviates from the above or which could impair safety of flight. The Pilot in Command is always ultimately responsible for the safe operation of any aircraft. As a user of this web site, you expressly acknowledge the above.

2. FLY OZ administration does not always preview or approve content for posting. We accept no liability for content posted on our forums, and reserve the right to remove any content we deem to be inappropriate. Your participation also grants FLY OZ immunity from all litigation for comments made by others, which you deem to be damaging, misleading, or in any way defamatory.


4. Contributions on the FLY OZ member forum, including (but not limited to) contributions by FLY OZ administrators, owners, operators, board members, and volunteers, are the opinion and responsibility of the individual author. No statement should be construed to be the official position of FLY OZ itself, unless explicitly stated.

5. Participants additionally agree to comply with the FLY OZ member handbook, which may be revised from time to time.

FLY OZ strives to provide a constructive environment for discussion of club activities, enjoyment of aircraft, airports, and aviation-related events. Above all, we are committed to the safe operation of the same. We present information via our website and other media to create a vibrant flying community. Naturally, we want members to find the FLY OZ forums and other media useful and enjoyable.

This policy describes a standard of behavior intended to improve the online experience for all FLY OZ members. By and large, they are based on commonsense notions of good manners and mutual respect. Naturally, we recognize that online interaction brings up unique problems, that are not typical in face to face interactions. When conflicts arise, we rely foremost on our members’ goodwill and good sense to maintain decorum. The guidelines form a basis for adjudicating the more resistant issues. Keep in mind though, as with all participatory media, the ultimate nature of the online experience depends on you: FLY OZ members and contributors.

1. FLY OZ participatory media (forums, etc.) are designed for the exchange of, and the debating of ideas. Personal attacks (“flaming”) are not tolerated. Personal attacks are defined as any attempt to shortcircuit the debate by diverting attention to the shortcomings or attributes of the other parties in the debate rather than their arguments. We encourage you to challenge other points of view but please do so in a respectful and thoughtful manner. Think before clicking on the “Submit” button: is this something you’d say in person to a colleague?

2. FLY OZ member forum materials are often read by families of members and mixed company of all ages. Explicit, obscene, profane, or vulgar language is not appropriate and FLY OZ may remove any material containing such language.

3. FLY OZ members must avoid posting any of the following content:
a. Salacious material – that is, material and/or pictures that are not appropriate in mixed company;
b. Religious discussion – that which goes beyond a mere indication of faith (i.e. We’ll pray for you.);
c. Political discussion – that which is directed toward a particular political party, political individual, likely to lead to divisive political debate and/or controversy, etc. (however, as always, we WILL permit political discussion that is directly on point with aviation issues);
d. Personal attacks; and/or
e. Generally posting in a manner contrary to civility.

4. As a matter of policy, FLY OZ does not always preview or approve member content. However, your participation grants FLY OZ the right to modify, or delete material to conform to these guidelines. For instance, a misplaced post will be relocated to the appropriate forum without notice.

Intellectual Property
5. Member contributions are intended to be shared within the FLY OZ member forum. Do not copy, reproduce, or post them outside the FLY OZ community without express permission from the author and FLY OZ administration.

6. Do not publish copyrighted materials on the FLY OZ member forum unless you are the copyright holder. Examples include photographs, news articles, etc. If you don’t own it, please post or embed a link to the content but do not copy or upload it.

7. By contributing material to the FLY OZ forum, you (1) represent that the content of your post is your own material and you have the right to post it, and (2) you grant FLY OZ and its administrators and owners a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and irrevocable license to use, reproduce, distribute, and display all such content in any manner it sees fit, in any media or form, including the right to edit or alter your material without limitation. For example, the material you submit may be used alone or be combined with other material and reproduced on a website, in a social media post, in a magazine article or in any other media. FLY OZ has no obligation to attribute the content to you in any such reproduction. That said, you are a paying member of the flying club and we would respectfully take down any photos of members or guest upon request of the member.

Forum Posting Best Practices
8. You have the opportunity to suggest subjects for discussion. That said, only subjects that support the development of a vibrant flying community will be approved. This does not necessarily mean all subjects must be focused on aviation, but please understand the reasoning a subject that does not relate will likely not be approved.

9. Post in the appropriate forum. Read the forum descriptions and choose the forum appropriate to your topic. Posts placed in the incorrect forum may be relocated without notice.

10. Avoid duplicate posts on the same issue (i.e. spamming). Post your message only once in the most appropriate forum. The desire to reach the largest possible audience is not a valid reason to clutter up the forums. Essentially duplicate posts and the associated thread may be removed without notice.

11. Anything posted for sale is in no way guaranteed by FLY OZ. Any purchase or business deal that may come about through the forum is done so at your own risk. You may enter into a flight where another member has agreed to cover their pro rata share of the flight. In the event a passenger does not pay, the scheduling member will be held responsible for the cost of the flight and discussion on the forum may not be used as a means to reduce the rental cost. To split the cost of a flight work with the club director or club coordinator for specialized invoicing.

12. FLY OZ members must refrain from posting and/or sending private messages in a commercial capacity, which includes selling and/or promoting your or your company’s goods or services.

13. When discussing public figures, e.g., actors in our ecosystem (such as CFIs, vendors or club staff,) accord them respect and air any grievances directly. The club forum is not the place to share concerns with club operations. The intent of the forum is to build community.

Forum Moderation
14. Forum moderation performed by FLY OZ is largely dependent upon member notification, and cannot be considered definitive or consistent. Prior posts that have not been deleted cannot be assumed to be in conformance with FLY OZ policy, and do not establish a precedent with respect to any moderation issue.

15. Failure to comply with the guidelines, or a recurrent pattern of offenses may result in being banned from the forum and potentially being expelled from the club.

Your Identity
16. FLY OZ member forum policy requires that registered users and members accurately identify themselves by using their true first and last name (i.e. username: JosephDirt), which will appear in all posts and in their profile, in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The use of pseudonyms or “handles” is not permitted.